Install phpmyadmin on your own server

I own a GoDaddy Deluxe share server and I host multiple website on it. But what happen if you want...

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How to add Gzip compression to speed your website ?

Use Gzip compression. Add the following code in the .htaccess file on your Linux Server to activate Gzip compression. AddOutputFilterByType...

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Types of Brochures and flyers

Here are some types of brochures to consider when choosing to create one. Pamphlet / Leaflet / Flyers Catalog Parallel...

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Importance of a Logo design

A logo design is the most well-known marketing and communication tool in the business world. This graphical representation reflects the...

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Importance of having a professional responsive website

Nowadays, all internet users look for products and services online. Thus, it is vital for your business to have a...

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